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beat the game finally unless theres a thing for every supermod at the same time

Wtf!!! I didnt even know this was possible in this version. Incredible. You did what i could not.

its easy using ransom and keeping a balance coin amount like 20-32 and getting condensers are good
the only hard parts would be zone 1 2 and 3 after that its pretty easy
also duplicating shields is also good

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I don think your supposed to get 8000% fire rate and enough shields to be immortal. (you shouldn't nerf ransom though). very balanced, but i do notice two things, gamma ray doesn't work with attack speed,  Maybe its laser beams should last less long the more fire rate, And the audio tends to break a bit

I made a video <3


(by the way, do you have a discord?)

I'm going to get this on steam as soon as I can lol

I'm absolutely going to make a video on this, as a before steam release thing <3

Do you have a youtube? How do I find it

here it is:

bought the game, made 2 videos on it already, I'll let you know when they are up <3


where should I make suggestions for the steam version btw?

Discussion posts if you want. Unfortunately im not sure I will patch or update the game at this point as its not gotten a ton of sales.

Where do I find this on steam, and when it comes out will it cost money if so how much

Hasnt come out yet, store page is under review. I think it wont be more than like $5, maybe $3 during the launch sale. If you are from gamecraft ill post when its up :) 

Thank you

how do i use the specials that are unique to the hacks?

Im assuming you saw this at the showcase. The character abilities are a new feature unique to the new version releasing in steam. In the old version some characters will start with an active item at the bottom left of the screen, which can be used like all active items with left click or space.

Love this! My favorite is ransom.exe with missile swarm, it looks so cool

after so long i finally got one of the super mods down 4 more to go


Really good game, GHOST.EXE is kinda unbalanced because I beat the final boss the first time I played it, but, besides that, all the .EXE's are pretty creative and are very different in playstyles (for me). 10/10 would recommend.

this game is AMAZING,it is the best game i have played on itch,now there is some problems but not really for me,if you want to play this it is HARD,so i recommend you play a other bullet hell like undertale and comeback here because the skill spike  will go up really fast,but other that that best game on itch idc what other people say 10/10.

Good gam

this is a really cool game!

Thanks for creating this game. It is fun.

The only downside is the text. it is painful to read any description with this visual effect.

press esc and turn it off(idk if u can do that from menu)

the text is really hard to read sometimes

very good game 

Really good, has that "horde autobattler" feel that's popular these days.  Matches are short, making it more roguelike.  Wish I could fullscreen the web version, since the text is small and hard to read.  Downloaded version is fine, tho it hangs if the game loses focus (have to Alt-F4 it... but this is a roguelike, restarting is barely a loss).


you can! Just hit esc for the pause menu and click the full screen button. It might take a second to load in but after that just make sure to hit resume instead of esc bc that exits on most browsers

One of the tasks is "Surpass Zone 1 without leaving on the border in combat". What does this mean?

Sorry, that’s probably the most confusing task, you’re supposed to stay to the edges of the arena when enemies are on screen

Very fun, I like the style 

Pretty cool game.  I like the glitchy graphics, would recommend.