A downloadable game for Windows

In Magic And Monsters you play as a Little Wizard Blasting Enemys into little bits.

Get Ready for a Hard-as-Nails Bullet Hell Top-Down Shooter.

This is a little project I made to help me practice coding and making game with unity.

Install instructions

Just unzip file and find executable, but don't remove it from folder or you will get an error. Shortcut recommended.

To play, use arrow keys or wasd, and aim and click with your mouse to shoot.

Press space to dash.

You have 8 health in total shown by your heart in the top left that will degrade over time. 

Next to that is your health potion will refill when you don't take damage but will empty if you do. When its full, you will regain health.

Your score will be found in the top right. increase you multiplier by filling your multiplier bar. You fill it when you damage enemy but it will go down if you miss.

Try to get the highest score possible before your untimely doom.


Magic and Monsters.zip 15 MB


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Very nice, dear!


What the hell

xD -Puer Equinus